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Hansel and Gretel by Mind Map: Hansel and Gretel
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Hansel and Gretel

Fantasy setting ideas

Owners of The home

Witch is the good guy, Children are both killed

Not siblings at all, Witch saves one of the children

Children are witch, Children tempt adults to come into their home, turn them into building supplies

Visitors of the Home

Children Kill Witch, Children go home, Children do not go home, become witches by eating magic home?, Children seek revenge on parents

Witch is evil, Witch wins, Children die, Children do not die, haunt witch, Children become pawns of the witch to lure more children in

Characters involved

Siblings, Brother And Sister, Brothers, Sisters

Witch, Mother is the witch, Evil stepmother?, Mother is not the which, Witch is mothers evil sister, trying to kill her family, Doppleganger, Witch is the embodiment of the famine that is striking the village

Parents, Mother, Father

Underlying Themes

Kill an Innocent person

Witch was trying to help/save children

Wicked children killing the elderly, For her precious gingerbread recepie, parents cover it up


For spilling mothers milk pot used to make bread

For wasting food during a famine

Simply wicked children

Do not trust Strangers


Necessary evil to live through famine

No food left

Lost in the woods

Kill a wicked person

Cannibal witch, Baba Yaga?



1500's setting ideas

On the Road

Children are sent away to avoid getting the plauge, The run into a kindly old man who takes them in for the evening, Man is a witch, who tries to kill them, Man is not a witch, but a gingerbread man, The children are starving and he has no food but himself, so he offers bits of himself to the children until he is all gone, The children take over the shop and make cookies in the old man honor

Characters Inolved

Old man/woman

Siblings, Brother/Sister, Brothers, Sisters

Parents, Mother, Step Mother, Father


Children are street urchins, Brother lured in by apothecary, with the hope of work/food? Supporting sister, Sister has to go save brother from the wicked apothecary, She spills a potion on the apothecary, turnign him into a gingerbread man., The children eat him and live happily ever after


The house

House is Alive, House is children the witch got in the past

Witch owns a popular gingerbread shop in town

Adults/Children of a local town are dissapearing, Children find out and follow the gingerbread men, Witch is turning people into gingermen to make her house and goods

The house is a business

Witches shop is a corperation, Children's shop is mom and pop like, Children try to steal her recepie

Origin of the Gingerbread Man ideas

Animal help

Lead children to home in woods

Want children to save the witch who has been cursed to be evil, They burn away the curse?, Witch turns out to be their mother, who was cursed by the evil witch in disguise as their stepmother, Not their mother, but she kills the evil witch stepmother in gratitude. Saves father

Bird is actually witch