ASL in the Hearing Classroom

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ASL in the Hearing Classroom by Mind Map: ASL in the Hearing Classroom

1. Videos

1.1. K-1st teacher shows examples of ASL in class. Part 1

1.2. Part 2

1.3. ASL Pro dictionary

1.4. ASL Pro signs for baby dictionary

2. Narration: voice and text

3. Purpose: Informative. How can teachers incorporate basic American Sign Language signs in their classrooms? Use for classroom management, reading skills, learning letters/sounds,

4. Pictures

4.1. Text and voice description of how to sign

4.2. Video and pictures of signs

4.3. Posters for classroom

4.4. Alphabet:

4.5. Google search results for ASL pictures

5. Focus: Teachers of young children-early grades (K-1st)

6. Articles

6.1. More Teacher Turning to Sign Lang (Wash. Post)

6.2. Singing Time!

6.3. Example of Signs used in the classroom

6.4. Research articles:

6.5. Benefits

6.6. Source for more articles:

7. Benefits

7.1. Classroom management: less disruption (ask for bathroom using signs instead of vocally), teach children to look for signs for directions (listen, line up, etc)

7.2. Literacy: link new letters/sounds to signs, fingerspell to sound out new words

7.2.1. Improving comprehension:

8. Obstacles

8.1. Parents: may be hesitant to teachers including ASL in classroom

8.2. School/District administration: have to answer to parents concerns

8.2.1. Counteract: present parents/administration with examples of uses, benefits, understanding that signs are being used as a supplement to the classroom environment not exclusive to using voices

9. Activities for students

9.1. Signing Time! activities: coloring pages, songs, crafts