Distributed Cloud Based System for Active/E-Learning

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Distributed Cloud Based System for Active/E-Learning by Mind Map: Distributed Cloud Based System for Active/E-Learning

1. IT is a moving target

1.1. Solution: Technologies

1.2. Solution: Active learning

2. Observation: The knowledge in IT is just way too much for a mere mortal

2.1. Way to go: Improving the capacity of the memory and abilities to learn fast.

2.2. Way to go: Engaging the technologies in the learning process.

3. Claim: The software development, education and learning can not be separated

3.1. Fast evolving technologies

3.2. Endless Learning

3.3. The developers and the students face the same problems.

3.4. There are no novice and experienced when it comes to technologies. We are all novice.

3.5. We have to learn how to learn

3.6. But if the experienced developer and a students are in an equal situation that means the students can produce the very same results as the developers.

3.7. So the process of education in fact can be seen as a software development process.

4. We can apply the Project Management tools and approaches in the education. The teacher takes the role of a project manager, technical leader and trainer.

5. The Tools

5.1. Video broadcasting and recording.

5.2. Source Control Management

5.3. Skype

5.4. Issue Tracker

5.5. WiKi

5.6. IRC channels

5.7. Forum/Mail List (Google groups)

5.8. Mind Maps

5.9. ... Many more services

6. The results

6.1. As a result an Open Source Software was born. The participation of each student is clear and easy to be seen. The level of participation can be used as assessment.

7. Conclusion

7.1. A Distributed Cloud Based E-Learning system can be build very easy. It can be used for Active Learning. It helps to overcome the limitations of the human brain to learn and process the information. The teacher becomes a Project Manager and Technical Trainer.

8. Thank you!

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