Road to Relevance

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Road to Relevance by Mind Map: Road to Relevance

1. ThinManger 7.0

1.1. New Interface

1.2. Ribbon Like

1.3. vSphere Integtration

1.3.1. I want this TC to connect to this VM

1.3.2. Snapshot rollback of VM auto repopulates TCs

2. Possible Use Case Ideas

2.1. MultiSession Use

2.1.1. WHAT - having multiple sessions on a single TC.

2.1.2. WHY - Allows for running multiple HMIs on a single TC that can we switched between

2.1.3. Use on multiple monitors

2.1.4. Or use tiled mode that allows them to select/switch between sessions

2.1.5. Run 2 sessions from 1 TC 1 on Primary TS 1 on Secondary TS IF Primary TS has issues (or needs maintenance) then second already running Instant failover Requires more resources Likely consumes view licenses from a given HMI solution

2.2. Control Room MultiMonitor

2.2.1. If you have a control room with 4 monitors - you can use a single Thin Client (and thereby single device based CAL) to connect to all of them. You can use USB-->VGA adapters to gain extra monitor support if needed

2.2.2. This also can be used for camera use. The IP Camera support in TM7.0 is pretty powerful and allows overlaying Camera's ontop of over sessions at specified pixels.

2.3. Mobile maintenance person

2.3.1. Give a generic tablet device to a maintenance person who can sign in and authenticate with TermSecure and gain access to systems based on location

2.3.2. Example. A motor is faulted. The Maintenance tech could scan a QR code on the drive and then be delivered CONTENT that is relevant. IE get the schematics for the motor, a history of maintenance, etc and then order parts if needed or check off maintenance tasks

3. Main Idea - Content based on Location

3.1. Then main idea behind relevance is distributing content to users based on where they are.


3.2.1. 1. Wireless

3.2.2. 2. GPS

3.2.3. 3. Bluetooth

3.2.4. 4. QR Code

3.3. Delivery methods

3.3.1. Shadow Just like vSphere or TM Shadowing

3.3.2. Transfer Steal session from other end medium and distribute to new

3.3.3. Clone Create a new session with the same set

3.4. Why not just use an RDP app?

3.4.1. Issue 1 - do you really want to have someone with a mobile HMI acking alarms from anywhere and resetting things without being in the field? Relevance allows for alarm ack / device interlock! ^Meaning, say "reset fault" and then scan the QR code on a motor proving LOCATION

3.5. Have location and user authentication

3.5.1. THIS user is in THIS location so they get THIS content passively, and THIS content actively if they DO a particular action