Starting a Business

Using a mind map and the Agile process to complete a personal project

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Starting a Business by Mind Map: Starting a Business

1. Backlog

1.1. Incorporate Business

1.2. Market new website

1.2.1. Search engines - how to get a website to show up in a search

1.2.2. Social Media advertising

1.2.3. Search engine adverstising

1.2.4. Develop marketing content

1.3. Launch website

1.4. ...The TODO list goes on and on when starting a new business

2. Current Sprint

2.1. Not Yet Started

2.1.1. Find hosting solution for company's website

2.2. In Process

2.2.1. Write software for new product (this became its own mind map with its own vision, sprint and backlog)

2.3. Completed

2.3.1. Secure funding for start up of company

3. Completed Tasks

3.1. Develop idea of a product to develop

3.2. Market research to see what types of products are already out there similar to this idea - figure out how to make your product stand out

3.3. Read up on resources for how to start a small business

3.3.1. Chamber of Commerce

3.3.2. LegalZoom

3.3.3. Better Business Bureau

4. Vision

4.1. To provide a platform to develop and promote my ideas to earn some extra money

5. Read accompanying article