Management & Leadership Tips

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Management & Leadership Tips by Mind Map: Management & Leadership Tips

1. 2014

1.1. Lead at Your Best (McKinsey)

1.1.1. Leadership begins with mindsets! Thoughts Feelings Emotions

1.1.2. 1. Find your strengths

1.1.3. 2. Practice the pause Fight, flight, freeze Pause, reflect, manage What is the outcome I want?

1.1.4. 3. Trust Learn aspects of trust that matter most To you To others

1.1.5. 4. Choose questions wisely Problem-based Solution-based

1.1.6. 5. Recover Physical Mental Emotional Spiritual

1.2. Meandering Behavior (Seth Godin)

1.2.1. Disappointment Big Dreams Poor work habits Shortcut seeking Lottery thinking Lack of self-awareness

1.2.2. Success Do your work Get better Small win at a time Earn one fan at a time

1.3. Mindfulness in the Age of Complexity (HBR)

1.3.1. Process of actively noticing new things

1.3.2. Make the moment matter!

1.3.3. Benefits Puts you in the present Focus (attention) Remember more Creative Engaged Less judgmental

1.3.4. Tactics Imagine that your thoughts are totally transparent Work/life integration (not balance) That's right! Win-Win Many options with different outcomes Different perspectives

2. Pre-2014

2.1. Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us (Daniel Pink)

2.1.1. Autonomy

2.1.2. Mastery

2.1.3. Purpose