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Penguins by Mind Map: Penguins

1. smallest Penguins

1.1. "Little Penguins"

1.1.1. 40 cm

1.1.2. 1 kg

1.2. "Fairy Penguins"

1.2.1. Big tourist atraction

1.2.2. in Australia, Chile, New Zealand

2. Live in Antractica

2.1. and other regions of South Hemisphere

3. can't fly

3.1. swim very well

4. Linus Torvald bitten by one of them

4.1. Linux Mascot (TUX)

5. myMeinung

5.1. only seen on films and photos

5.2. I like the way they go

5.3. wonderful way to swim and dive

6. Can't meet polar bears (live only near north pole)

6.1. but maybe in Zoos

7. biggest Penguins

7.1. Eperor Penguins

7.1.1. 120 cm

7.1.2. to 35 kg

7.1.3. live in coldest place in the World build groups to defense against the cold can be hundreds of animals