EDUC7102 Making your teaching more effective through technology

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EDUC7102 Making your teaching more effective through technology by Mind Map: EDUC7102 Making your teaching more effective through technology

1. visual language is a common language throughout the world!

1.1. ,

2. Student-centered Learning with Technology

2.1. webquest

2.1.1. students decide what information to be extracted form the web

2.1.2. most learning content are drawn from the internet

2.1.3. develop information litereacy

2.2. ActiveLesson

2.2.1. use more simple technology than web development

2.2.2. use interesting scenario in multimedia way

2.2.3. also require student to use computer or technology tools to do their artifact and evaluation

3. Digital media

3.1. develop stories

3.1.1. useful tools for production Microsoft Photo Story audacity Windows Movie Maker

3.1.2. tools for publishing youtube

3.1.3. recording stories digital camera cell phone

4. Learning visually

4.1. Using Scratch

4.1.1. Animition

4.1.2. sound

4.1.3. interactive elements

4.1.4. Scratch is created by MIT


5. Mobile Phones and M-learning

5.1. 今天

5.1.1. multimedia documents images videos mp3 interactive learning objects

5.1.2. connectivity Phone, SMS, IM, Skype technology WiFi IR bluetooth

5.1.3. capture tools camera recording observations, motions audio-recording record observations, teacher's explanation, group disscusion capturing GPS positions

5.1.4. representation tools skeching diagrams writing, like MS Journal

5.1.5. analytical tools calculator dictionary encyclopedia excel worksheets special tools e.g. measuring wind speed, index of UV lights, vibrations, noise, etc.

6. infomation search tools

6.1. traditional search

6.1.1. google search

6.1.2. google google docs documentation spreadsheet online forms ... and some great ideas too!

6.2. instead of keyword searching (google, yahoo, ......)

6.2.1. search social knowledge and intelligence - compiled by lot of people in the world! social bookmarking yahoo! Knowledge wikipedia HKU RISAL

6.2.2. search graphically ! CoolIris search graphics and media Eyeplorer

7. Literacy

7.1. traditional

7.1.1. reading

7.1.2. writing

7.1.3. listening

7.1.4. speaking

7.2. new

7.2.1. information

7.2.2. visual

7.2.3. critical

7.2.4. media

7.2.5. tools

7.2.6. digital

8. Mashing and remixing resources

9. Social Networking Literacy

9.1. Definitions: The ability to interact with others in cyberspace

9.2. collaborative tools nowadays

9.2.1. facebook

9.2.2. blogs

9.2.3. instant messaging (IM) software

9.3. dangerous

9.3.1. sexual harasement and potential sexual trade

9.3.2. dangerous group thinking, e.g. group suicide

9.3.3. cyber bullying abusive, rude messages in one's blog or facebook Thirteen-year-old suffered from cyber bullying for six months. "...dedicated whole web pages about how much they hate me" .... piracy disclosing real names of your unfavourite friend spreading rumors anonymously

9.4. benefits

9.4.1. quick and instant

9.4.2. a very large network

10. 今天