Chinese New Year Kindergarten Integrated Unit Jamie Lopez

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Chinese New Year Kindergarten Integrated Unit Jamie Lopez by Mind Map: Chinese New Year  Kindergarten Integrated Unit  Jamie Lopez

1. Happy Chinese New Year, Kai-Lan by Lauryn Silverhardt

1.1. Arts: Foreign Languages: Words in Chinese

2. Daisy Comes Home by Jan Brett

2.1. Social Studies: Families; Maps

2.2. Science: Animal Families

3. Lanterns and Firecrackers: A Chinese New Year Story by Jonny Zucker

3.1. Art: Paper Lanterns; Cardboard roll firecrackers

4. Dragon Dance: A Chinese New Year Lift-the-Flap Book by Joan Holub

4.1. Social Studies: Celebrations; China on the map

4.2. Science: Sorting/ Categorizing

4.3. Math: Word Problems

4.4. Movement (P.E.): Dragin dancing

5. One is a Drummer A Book of Numbers by Rosanne Thong

5.1. Math: counting

5.2. Arts: Music - drumming

6. Movement: Tai Chi

7. Two of Everything: A Chinese Folktale by Lily Toy Hong

7.1. Math: Doubling; Counting by 2's

7.2. Art: Mirror Images

7.3. Language Arts: What would you put in the pot?

8. Celebrating Chinese New Year by Diane Hoyt-Goldsmith

8.1. Language Arts: What would be your favorite part of the celebration?

8.2. Science: Orange investigation; Living and nonliving parts of celebration (categorizing)

9. Grandfather Tang's Story by Ann Tompert

9.1. Math: Tangrams; Shapes

9.2. Social Studies: families

10. Sam and the Lucky Money by Karen Chinn

10.1. Math: Money

10.2. Art: Red envelopes

10.3. Language Arts: Good luck wishes

11. My First Chinese New Year by Karen Katz

11.1. Social Studies: When is Chinese new year? (calendar); Where is China? (map); How do we celebrate?

11.2. Language Arts: My favorite holiday; how I celebrate

11.3. Science/Social Studies/Math: Cooking dumplings