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chap 2: infrastructure technology by Mind Map: chap 2: infrastructure technology
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chap 2: infrastructure technology

history of the web

web talks about how we use internet

1945: Vannevar Bush - Memex

1960's : Ted Nelson - hypertext

1987: ted nelson - xanadu

extending memory and linking concepts

1989: tim berners lee - www

1993: marx andreesen - mosaic

1994: andreesen & clark - netscape

developed first web browser

2004: web 2.0

applications- ex: facebook web 1.0: storing info on web, passively consuming content web 2.0: consuming and producing content (msgs, groups, videos)

history of the internet

1960: Dept of Defense

internet only used by dept of defense

1969: ARPANet

1972: email

1974: TCP/IP

1979: usenet

1980's: NSF

gov't financing internet

1993: CBC Peter Mansbridge

you tube announcement

1995: privatized

NSF made available to other internet hosts and allowed them to be connected directly. Created many more internet providers.

web languages


standard generalized markup language, turned into HTML(hypertext markup language-style oriented) and XML(extensible markup language-content oriented), which turned into XHTML(extensible hypertext markup language-)

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web software






network technologies


protocol are rules on transferring files over internet: http: says go get web page ftp: says go get file https/sftp: means you are on secure website-make sure website has https nntp: newsgroup protocol


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