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E-Commerce: Chapter 2 by Mind Map: E-Commerce: Chapter 2
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E-Commerce: Chapter 2

History of the internet

1960: Dept. of Defense developed the internet

1969: ARPANet

1972: Email

1974: TCP/IP

1979: Usenet

1980: NSF

1993: CBC Peter Mansbridge

1995: Privatized

History of the Web

1945: Vannevar Bush - Memex

1960's: Ted Nelson - Hypertext

first person to create hypertext

1987: Ted Nelson - xanadu

1989: Tim Berners-Lee - WWW

1993: Marc Andreesen - Mosaic

The first web browser

1994: Andreesen & Clark - Netscape

Enhanced version of mosaic, soon to become firefox

2004: Web 2.0

ex. Facebook, youtube, myspace etc.  The differentiation between web1.0 and web2.0 is that web1.0 is passively consuming content, whereas web2.0 is actively producing content. eg, messages on facebook Web 2.0 allows us to not only look over the contents of the internet but contribute to the contents of the internet.

Future: Moving towards web 3.0

Web Languages


First standards est. in 1986


cascading styles sheets

Scripting and Programming


Web Software


webservers can be anything from computers to PDAs. Run by linux

Web Clients

Network Connectivity




Network Technologies


Internet Protocols

these are all applications on the internet.

Future of the internet

Internet 2

Semantic Web