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Turingia by Mind Map: Turingia
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The Babbage Difference Engine, the first automatic computing device, was well-designed but failed to be built to specifications... for more than 150 years. Turingians hope our efforts at design and implementation take a bit less time to be generative. For more on Babbage, see:

About Us

The people involved.


Overview of the Turingia Project.

Technologies Reviewed

The technologies explored by the original Turingians.


Self-Organization and online environments -- How we can design for self-organization.

Privacy Issues

As we reveal more of ourselves in public, there can be serious consequences. Are we headed toward an era of those who share themselves online and those who do not?

Motivation and Online Learning

What motivates participation in online learning environments?

Adoption and Engagement

Getting people to use... and keep using online environments can be difficult. What makes it easier?

Learning Theory & OLCs

What does learning theory have to say about online learning communities?


Who are we anyway? How do we manage our multiple selves in an always-on, multiplicity of identity world?

Annotated Bibliography

A scholarly bibliography with references from our written work as well as other resources, annotated with a personal touch. You can discover why we think these resources are worthwhile and see if you agree with us.

Areas for Further Exploration

There's more territory to cover! Here are some of the ideas we wish we had time to pursue... and look forward to others taking them on.

Background Information

Additional background information, such as links to our personal journal pages, collective reflections, and artifacts from other technologies explored.

Personal Pages

Collaborative Reflections

Additional Information