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TWC301 Mind Map by Mind Map: TWC301 Mind Map
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TWC301 Mind Map

Technical Communication and Electronic Technologies (ch3)

Communicating and Collaboating

Future of Workplace Writing & computer Technolog

Document Creation

Rhetoric & Technical Commincation (Ch2)

This Branch are some commonal


Workplace Writter



Contextual Factor/Constraints

Technical & Professional Communication in the Workplace (ch1)


Problem Solving Through Technical & Professional Communication

Activities of Prof-Tech Writing

Writing Genres


Ethics and the Workplace Writer (ch4)

Guidelines for Workplace Witers

Ethics in Context

Code of Ethics

Ethics In Technology

Environmental Ethics

Avoid Unethical Writting

Technical Communication in a Transnational World (ch5)

Learning About Differences

Avoid Sterotypes

Biased Language Summary Pg 46-47   Refers to words and expressions that offend because that make inappropriate assumptions or stereotypes about gender, ethnicity, physical or mental disability, age, or sexual orientation.   * Easiest way to avoid bias is simply not to mention differences among people unless relevant to the discussion.  ask colleagues if unsure, to give assessment.

Enhancing Terminology

Accommodating Transnational Audiances

Transnational Ethics

Guidelines for Writing for Transnational Auciences

Pg269 Writers Checklist - Writing International Correspondence   -Observe the guidelines four courtesy such as those in "Writers Checklist: Ising Tone to Build Goodwill on pg 105 -Write clear and complete sentences -Avoid and over simplified style -Avoid humor, irony or sarcasim -Do not use idioms, jargon, slang, unusual figures or speech or allusions -Do not use contractions or abbreviations that may not be clear to an international reader -Consider whether necessary technical terminology can be found in abbreviated English-Language dictionaries. If not Define such terminiology  

Organizing & Drafting Documents(ch7)

Predrafting Strategies

Writing the Draft