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Agent Based Modelling by Mind Map: Agent Based Modelling
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Agent Based Modelling

Social Sciences


People, Robert Axelrod, Leigh Tesfatsion, Iowa State University, Professor, Economics, Maths, ECpE, Homepage, New node

Books, Handbook of Computational Economics, Editors, Leigh Tesfatsion, Kenneth L. Judd

Purpose, Introductory Readings, Support Material, Audience, ABM Teachers, Social Sciences, Graduate Students, Undergraduate Students, Establish ABM Basics

ABM & The Social Sciences, Individual Behaviour, Group Interaction, Outcomes, Examples, Political, Individuals, Politicians, Voters, Interaction, Outcome, > Sum Of Parts, Economic, Individuals, Producers, Consumers, Interaction, Outcome, > Sum Of Parts, ABM Good for studying systems, 1. Composed of interacting agents, 2. Exhibits emergent properties