Nikola Tesla and the free energy conspiracy

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Nikola Tesla and the free energy conspiracy by Mind Map: Nikola Tesla and the free energy conspiracy

1. Born July 10th 1856 in the Austrian Empire, died January 7th 1943 in New York, New York. Known as the father of electricity. In his early life he was fasinated by the energy around him. Studied at the top engineering school in Austria, where he learned about electricity and alternating currents(AC).

2. Around 21 Tesla moved to new york to work under Tomas Edison in his company associated with direct current (DC). Edison had offered him the equivilant of 1.1 million to help with technical problems with his direct current method. In the end Edison did not pay him for his work and replied that it was all a joke and he did not understand his american humor.

3. The technology supposedly allowed one to extract electricity from the ground by simply plugging something into the ground. Morgan eventually backed off his offer to fund the tower once he found out, the tower remained unfinished. Soon after it was discovered that the other inventor known as Guglielmo Marconi actually stole his ideas from one of teslas previous patents. Marconi was later discredited.

4. Tesla pursued other investors and found JP Morgan, bank financiare. Morgan wanted Tesla to pursue wireless communication techniques. thus came Teslas Wardenclyffe tower. Created primarily to broadcast radio waves through the air. Once word got out another inventor invented a similar technology, Tesla secretly added another function to the tower, the power to harness energy from the earth freely.

5. Other inventions such as the death ray or "peace ray" as some call it were hiddin among the archives of governmental vaults

6. Although ahead of his time and as modest as he was, Tesla was not a good investor, he died in dept to his inventions because he did not see a point in patenting previous inventions and making a profit.

6.1. New Idea

7. Among inventions he invented that we use every day and never think twice of are robots, spark plugs, electric lamps, x-rays, wireless communication, laser technology, neon lights, remote controls, cellular communication, radios, radar and much more. Even though he has such a vast influence on today’s society, we only hear of him in about a paragraph of our standardized science books. Thus ends the story of the most underrated inventor of our time, unappreciated and forgotten

8. "I don't care that they stole my ideas, i care that they don't have any of their own."