getting it together

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getting it together by Mind Map: getting it together

1. Federal Government

1.1. MCTEE

1.1.1. DEEWR others? National Senior Officials Committee (NSOC) FLAG National Quality Council

1.1.2. AQF

1.1.3. Industry Skills Councils

2. Qualification levels

2.1. AQF

3. Being an RTO in VET

3.1. Federal

3.1.1. National Quality Council publications VET Products for the 21st Century Quality of Assessment Practices Investigation into industry expectations of Vocational Education and Training Assessment AQTF AQTF 2010 Essential Standards for Continuing Registration

3.2. Victoria

3.2.1. DIIRD Skills Victoria Skills Reform VRQA Training Support Network

4. Training

4.1. What

4.1.1. Nationally Accredited Industry Skills Councils Training Packages

4.1.2. State Accredited

4.2. How

4.2.1. Victoria Skills Victoria Training Support Network

5. State Government

5.1. Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development (DIIRD)

5.1.1. Skills Victoria

6. Program design and delivery

6.1. Selection and / or Development of TAFE Courses / Qualifications

6.1.1. UB TAFE Training Programs [Programs Consisting of Units of Competency / Nationally Recognised Modules] Scope of registration / what can we deliver? UB Procedure Adding Training Package Qualifications or Accredited Courses Adding a Unit Notification of Delivery Outside of Victoria (Interstate or Overseas) Notification of Ceasing Delivery Outside of Victoria (Interstate or Overseas). Removing a Qualification, Course, Unit Annual Review

6.1.2. Internal Course Development and Approval

6.1.3. Adding Units / Modules

6.1.4. Customising Outside Packaging Rules

6.1.5. State Accreditation VRQA Process State Register Steps

6.1.6. Non-Accredited / Approved Programs

6.1.7. Vendor Accredited Courses

6.2. Department Delivery and Assessment Management Plan (DDAMP) / HOD

6.2.1. Course Delivery and Assessment Checklist (CDAC) / PC

6.3. Teacher Delivery and Assessment Checklist (TDAC)