21st Century Skills

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21st Century Skills by Mind Map: 21st Century Skills

1. Higher Education

1.1. 30% of all students who seek higher education degrees have taken an online course and those who take the online courses feel there is no differences

1.2. 84% of higher ed students are concerned with faculty to student interaction while 77% are concerned with student to student interaction.

2. Social Intelligence

2.1. Social Awareness includes sensing nonverbal emotional signals, listening with full receptivity, and knowing how the world works

2.2. When a student's physical and psychological needs are met they interact more in school and develop social skills and understanding

3. Developing Children

3.1. Whole children are healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.

3.2. 83% of voters believe that school curriculum should include 21st Century Skills such as critical thinking and problem solving skills along with computer and technology skills

4. Next Big Influences in Education

4.1. 70% of Italians socially network through texting

4.2. 80% of internet users will have a virtual second life by 2011

4.3. 800 million people participate in social networks

5. Commitment

5.1. When there is commitment to educate children we commit to designing learning environments that connect the mind, heart, body and spirit.

5.2. Those connections tend to be fragmented in today's approach

6. Diversity

6.1. In cities like Toronto and Los Angeles people have come to see immigration as a daily part of life. In New York youth from more than 190 countries woke up to go to school marking the first time that a city represents nearly all countries the planet.

6.2. The U.S is in the middle of a large immigration wave with 1 million immigrants coming each year.

7. Success

7.1. 70% of high school students who go to public school graduate while 32% leave high school to qualified to enter college

7.2. 47% of people say that the main reason for dropping out is that "classes weren't interesting" and they were bored