Milestones and Deliverables

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Milestones and Deliverables by Mind Map: Milestones and Deliverables

1. a. Preproduction Planning

1.1. i. Acquiring her content

1.2. ii. Assessing her needs

1.3. iii. Confirmation on Timeline and Milestones

2. c. Website

2.1. i. Design

2.2. ii. Usability Test

2.3. iii. Confirmation of design

2.4. iv. Imaging/Preparing Content

2.5. v. Page Assembly

2.6. vi. Website Confirmation

3. e. Training

3.1. iii. Blog Management

4. b. Developing Identity

4.1. i. Niche definition

4.2. ii. Logo, Color Scheme, Tagline

4.3. iii. Templates for stationary and business cards

4.4. iv. Confirmation of Identity Materials

5. d. Social Networks

5.1. i. Edit Twitter Page

5.2. ii. Edit Journal2 Profile

5.3. iii. Edit YouTube Page

5.4. iv. Prepare Blog