Drupal as an Enterprise Web CMS - By Dries Buytaert on 20 May 2014

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Drupal as an Enterprise Web CMS - By Dries Buytaert on 20 May 2014 by Mind Map: Drupal as an Enterprise Web CMS - By Dries Buytaert on 20 May 2014

1. Top 5 myths about Drupal

1.1. Drupal is just for blogs and simple sites

1.1.1. GE selected Drupal for more flexibility, better agility, integrate faster on a centralize platform

1.1.2. NBC standardised on Drupal across entertainment, news, and sports sites Drupal Everywhere!

1.1.3. Warner music group have 300+ completely custom artist experiences on Drupal

1.1.4. Drupal Dominates the Enterprise Well established in Gov Over 50% of top media and entertainment companies 7 of 8 Top Universities 9 of 12 top technology companies 33% of largest life sciences companies Johnson & Johnson Pfizer 50% of top 15 financial services companies ING Thomson Reuters Others

1.1.5. Growth of Drupal 3.5% of the top 100,000 sites (from Buildwith.com)

1.2. Drupal isn't secure

1.2.1. Drupal runs sites for over 130 nations

1.2.2. One interviewee believed his open source WCM were more secure than proprietary ones

1.2.3. Change to Drupal Core are reviewed by at least 1 other person, at times over 20 people

1.2.4. Peer review helps to keep Drupal secure

1.2.5. Open about security bug when a bug is found

1.2.6. "Continuos and broad peer review enabled by publicly available source code supports software reliability and security efforts"

1.2.7. Been security audited

1.2.8. Handle security in a very transparent way

1.3. Drupal (Open Source) won't scale to handle the world's largest site

1.3.1. The siren song of open source cms should you listen?

1.3.2. Open source is powering the enterprise at Massive Scale Acquia, Drupal Hadoop NoSQL MongoDB Redhat Enterprise Linux

1.3.3. 460M hits to grammy.com on night of award show

1.3.4. 30K concurrent visitors per second during Hurricane Sandy with 100% uptime serving 5.1M customers in metro NYC - MTA.info

1.3.5. Weather.com - Weather Channel, a top 25 Alexa ranked site is replacing legacy Percussion product with Drupal Data feed powered by Drupal

1.3.6. Huge sites moving into Drupal, is a testiment

1.4. Drupal requires tribal knowledge

1.4.1. Drupal is the largest open source platform in the world Active development 28,000 developers 1.5m market presence 196 countries global adoption 23,000 modules extensive capabilities

1.4.2. Drupal community is large

1.4.3. A commercial company can make up for the support enterprises need

1.4.4. Speed of innovation vs prop software

1.5. Drupal is more expensive

1.5.1. The real cost of a free puppy

1.5.2. Adobe vendors trying to lie of the total cost of ownership

1.5.3. Typical implementation costs are lower because of ready modules and functionalities

1.5.4. Maintenance and hosting eg. acquia cloud is 60k vs prop vendors being 80k

1.5.5. Georgia.gov Projected 5 years savings by migration 55 websites from legacy OpenText Vignette to Drupal - $4.7m Cheaper to move to Drupal Do more with less money

1.6. Drupal doesn't have a Roadmap

1.6.1. D8 initiatives

1.7. Drupal Doesn't have an Upgrade Path

1.7.1. Drupal provides an upgrade path from 1 version to another

1.7.2. Ensures Drupal stays modern

1.8. So enough with the FUD

2. New in Drupal 8

2.1. Re-imagined Content authoring experience

2.1.1. Integrated WYSIWYG

2.1.2. Make content editing as easy

2.2. Mobile Everywhere

2.2.1. Everywhere in Drupal 8 is Responsive themes, images, tables, breakpoints toolbar

2.2.2. New Mobile Preview

2.2.3. Optimised for speed!

2.2.4. Allow building of Mobile apps more easily

2.2.5. Out of the box

2.3. Multilingual and Globalization Support

2.3.1. automatically downloads interface translations Over 100 languages supported

2.3.2. built-in support for multilingual sites

2.3.3. show hide content by language

2.4. Better Integration Support

2.4.1. modern RESTful APIs

2.4.2. Enable better integration with the Tools you already use

2.4.3. Prop vendors dont have the right APIs

3. About Acquia

3.1. The Digital business company

3.2. Empowering companies to deliver great digital experiences

3.2.1. that integrate content, community and commerce

3.3. More than 440 employees, 4000 customers

3.4. Deloitte fast 500 fast growing private technology company

3.5. Platform - Drupal

3.6. Digital Engagement Services

3.6.1. Acquia Lift

3.6.2. Acquia Mollom

3.6.3. Acquia Search

3.7. Continuous Delivery Cloud

3.7.1. Acquia Cloud

3.7.2. Acquia Site Factory Continuos integration Testing

3.8. Sandwich model

3.9. Complete solution for organisation to build a successful digital business

4. Drupal & Open Source

4.1. first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win - gandhi

4.2. By 2014

4.2.1. marketing cloud Adobe Sitecore Oracle

4.3. By 2010

4.3.1. Open source destroyed the WCMS

4.4. Prop companies are building closed systems

4.4.1. Accessible to only a few

4.5. Drupal brings these capabilities to the masses

4.6. [email protected]

4.7. @dries

5. What is Drupal

5.1. unified, open source platform for

5.1.1. content easy, fun content authoring pre-build integrations presentation layer globalisation and localisation multi-channel delivery

5.1.2. community group collaboration user generated content activity streams

5.1.3. commerce shopping carts orders and payments processing product catalogs optimize online shopping across channels and devices integrations with 3rd party commerce platforms

6. Who does Drupal compete with?

6.1. Web CM

6.1.1. Adobe experience manager

6.1.2. Sitecore

6.1.3. Legacy WCM vendors including SDL Tridion, HP/Autonomy Teamsite and Oracle

6.2. Social Business Software

6.2.1. Jive

6.2.2. Lithium

7. What do the Analysts say?

7.1. Forrester Wave for Web Content Management 2013

7.2. Gartner Magic Quadrant on Web CM

7.3. Forrester Wave Social Depth Platforms

7.4. Analysts take a laggard view at markets, but Drupal is quickly gaining mindshare

8. What are the common misconceptions

8.1. FUD

8.2. Agency bias

9. Questions

9.1. Compare Wordpress and Drupal

9.1.1. used mostly in less complex websites

9.1.2. Drupal dominating the enterprise market segment

9.1.3. Wordpress dominating the lower end tier

9.2. Can Drupal help us to create a Create once publish everywhere

9.2.1. yeah definitely.

9.2.2. Web services