The Julian Chapter

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The Julian Chapter by Mind Map: The Julian Chapter

1. Chapters

1.1. 1 - Ordinary

1.1.1. 'Fear can't hurt you any more than a dream' Julian is actually very rude and mean because he used to be popular but know he was whatever. He thinks everything is messed up because of him.

1.2. 2 - The Call

1.2.1. This chapter is about the call where they asked three kids Charlotte, Jack and himself to go be welcome buddies to the new student Auggie Paulmen. Jack was actually the bully at first and he was the one who acted all ugh to the fact they were going to be welcome buddies. He talked about his face being so ugly. I think at first Julian isn't really going to care until he actually to see his face. So I wonder how Jack will change into Auggie's friend. When Mr. Tushman asked about if they knew who it was Julian was the only one who didn't know him. Julian's mom didn't tell him and I think she did this because maybe Julian would say no.

1.3. 6 - Scared

1.3.1. Because of Auggie, I think he got very scared again. I think this is the reason he hates Auggie. He gave back these memories. I think Julian was scared of everything he didn't know about. When he was 10 years old he could watch any movies. But since he met Auggie he kept having nightmares.

1.4. 7 - School Pictures

1.4.1. His mom was all excited when she saw all the pictures of Julian but then when she saw all the kids in the school pictures. His mom was shocked. Julian is so mean to Auggie because when he was talking about how he was so annoyed because he had to see Auggie everyday.

1.5. 8 - Photo Shop

1.5.1. Julian's mom photo shopped out Auggie's face in the school picture.And even tought Auggie's face is not in the picture.

1.6. 9 - Mean

1.6.1. Julian started being mean. He can't hang out with Jack because he started hanging out with Auggie. But, he calls Auggie the freak and he thinks calling Auggie the freak and thinks it's funny. It turns out Julian's mom is also were mean because he only cares about him. She never cares about everybody else and keeps spoiling Julian. Also she is also insulting Auggie because his face. Maybe Julian was mean because he was following his mom with all her thoughts.

1.7. 10 - Team Julian

1.7.1. Julian thinks it so bad that Jack is friends with Auggie. Julian keeps putting 'funny' notes in their locker saying stuff like, Freak! Nobody likes you! JUlian was told to come to a meeting at the head master's office and when Mr. Tushman came in I knew it was about the notes that Julian was putting in Auggie and Jack. They actually had the sticky notes and luckily Auggie hadn't read them yet. And now he has been suspended for two weeks and misses the trip to the nature reserve. His mom never thinks abuot the other people and only cares about her families opinion.

1.8. My Summer Vacation

1.8.1. In this chapter we met Julian's Grandma, who lives in France. While she is sleeping he sends an email to Mr. Browne, in this email he talks about why he left Beecher Prep. When he replies Julian is very happy because he felt like Mr. Browne actually understood him. Now that he knowns somebody feels that way for him he is happy.

2. Reactions to Characters

2.1. Jack

2.1.1. They are friends and are really close - like regular friends would act to each other

2.2. Charlotte

2.2.1. Of course he teases her because that is what a typical 5th grader.

2.3. Auggie

2.3.1. Can't stand his face and is very scared of it

3. Conflicts

3.1. External

3.2. Internal

3.2.1. He learns very easily

4. Reflection

4.1. Wonder

4.1.1. At the end of reading this book I feel really sad for Auggie. Julian treated him so badly and never apologized. There was nothing wrong with him but his facial deformity. For me if I was Auggie I wouldn't be able to go to school if I were treated like that. Sinse I read wonder before the Julian chapter I was really eager to find out what happened in Julian's point of view.

4.2. The Julian Chapter

4.2.1. Now that I have read about Julian's point of view I actually feel more bad for Julian than I did for Auggie. I feel bad because in the end he realized how bad he was to Auggie. He also saw how his parents would only look at their opinion they would never care about other people's opinions. This book was so touching to me and had me feel like I should never treat someone like that.

5. words that describe Julian

5.1. Popular

5.2. Selfish

5.3. Rude

5.4. Snobby

5.5. Mean

5.6. Self Centered

5.7. trickter

6. Predictions

6.1. What would this book be about

6.1.1. I think this book is going to be about Julian's feelings about Auggie. It would mostly be about why he hated Auggie and why he wouldn't be a friend to him. I think it might be because he, Julian, would get bullied if anybody found out that he was friend with the boy with the deformed face. I think we are going to learn that Julian isn't actually that bad it might be because

7. Julian's mom

7.1. She is very supportive of anything

7.2. She is so mean to Auggie

7.3. Everything is being blamed n Auggie just because of his face. But everything shouldn't be because Julian will get spoiled.

8. Grandmére

8.1. When Julian was in France his grandma told him a story about the boy she was afraid of when she was a little girl. This boy had saved her life when the German soldiers came and took each and everyone of the Jews they could find (WW2.)

8.2. This story is so important because it shows Julian how the person you are afraid of can save your life. This story probably made Julian realize that he should apologize for his actions against Auggie.

8.3. I think this story is going to conclude with Grandmére because I think the story she told was very important for Julian.