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Black History Timeline (2008-2009) by Mind Map: Black History Timeline      (2008-2009)
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Black History Timeline (2008-2009)


March 2008- Lieutenant Governor David Patterson became the first African- American Governor of New York and was also blind.

May 2008- Karen Bass became the first African American woman elected as Speaker of a state House of Representatives.

July 2008- Venus Williams wins her fifth Wimbledon singles title and wins the Wimbledon doubles title with her sister, Serena.

August 2008-Cullen Jones becomes the second African American to win an Olympic gold medal.

October 2008- Tyler Perry becomes the first African American to own a major film and television studio.

November 2008-Barack Obama becomes the first African American to be President of the United States.

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January 2009- Susan Rice becomes the first Afican American woman to be the United States' U.N. Ambassador.

February 2009-Eric Holder becomes the first African American Attorney General of the United States.

June 2009-Michael Jackson dies at age 50.

September 2009- Venus and Serena Williams become the first African Americans world doubles tennis champions.

November 2009- Darius Rucker becomes the first African American to win the Country Music Associaton's New Artist of the Year Award.

December 2009-Tatiana became the first Afican American Disney Princess.