The Raccoon learns a lesson

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The Raccoon learns a lesson by Mind Map: The Raccoon learns a lesson

1. Original Version

1.1. Setting

1.1.1. Forest

1.2. Characters

1.2.1. First blind men

1.2.2. Second blind man

1.2.3. Raccoon Silly Smart

1.2.4. Glooscap

1.3. Big Idea / Lesson

1.3.1. Karma Don't play with people

1.4. Problem

1.4.1. The raccoon plays with the the two blind men and making them fight.

1.5. Resolution

1.5.1. The Glooscap found out that raccoon was playing with the men. After the Glooscap draws two circle around the raccoon eye and four lines on the raccoon's tail. Now everyone knows that he is a theif.

2. A Modern Version

2.1. Setting

2.1.1. Company

2.2. Characters

2.2.1. Martha Sick owned a big company channel Al was trust Joe

2.2.2. Joe Works under Martha Always wanted to trick Martha because she fired little brother

2.2.3. Cam Got fired while working in Martha's company Now owns a store that sells channel productes

2.2.4. Police Was always curious what Joe was doing.

2.3. Big Idea / Lesson

2.3.1. Do not play with people, if you do you will get a pay back.

2.4. Problem

2.4.1. Martha is the boss of a big company that sells channel to people who owns channel building. Since now she is sick, sh can really take care of her company, now it is up to Joe to look after the company. Martha is in the hospital. When Joe has to sell the product to other building, he has to get Martha's signature. Gives his brother 10 boxes of each product to his brother for free. Only thing he has to get is Martha's signature. Martha signs the paper trusting Joe. While shipping to his brother's place, the police checks the order sheet. finds out the he got everything for free.

2.5. Resolution

2.5.1. Goes to the hospital and tells Martha what happened. Joe got fired and Cam has to get a new job with his brother.