fox and the rabbit

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fox and the rabbit by Mind Map: fox and the rabbit

1. original

1.1. setting

1.2. the forest

1.3. main chratures

1.4. a fox and rabbit

1.5. rabbit likes the day and fox likes the night

1.6. problem

1.7. they were fighting over what time of day is better

1.8. solution

1.9. rabbit and fox are fighting and rabbit is saying day fox saying night rabbit says day and it turns day.

2. it is about a time were there was magic words that when you say them it happens but only some times.

3. new

3.1. setting

3.2. the street

3.3. main chractures

3.4. boy named fox girl named rabbit

3.5. boy likes beef girl likes pepperoni

3.6. problem

3.7. fight over witch is better

3.8. solution

3.9. a pepperoni pizza appears

3.10. then she eats it all and says pepperoni is better