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What will happen as petroleum runs out? by Mind Map: What will happen as petroleum runs out?
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What will happen as petroleum runs out?

Petroleum is available on Earth in finite amounts.  This means that if we continue to use them, fossil fuels will eventually run out.  It is very difficult to estimate when this is likely to happen.  It depends on how quickly we use up the reserves.  It seems likely that liquid petroleum may have run out in about 50-80 years time - within the lifetime of some people alive today.  Fuels such as coal and oil shale will probably last a good deal longer.     As you think of a consequence, add it to the map in its own circle.  Think of both "good" and "bad" consequences and technological, environmental, social and political consequences.  You can show relationships between consequences using arrows.   Main Focus:   Some scientists continue to research the extraction of materials and energy from biomass to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels   Discuss the need for alternative sources of the compounds presently obtained from the petrochemical industry        

Oil prices start to rise.

Oil producing countries realise a main source of wealth is disappearing.

Major uses of crude oil impacted

Alternative sources of chemical energy which could be used as fuels, replacing petroleum

List no less than 3.

Builder material availability decline

These are materials used for the production of polymers