2010 CAPHC Conference Sessions

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2010 CAPHC Conference Sessions by Mind Map: 2010 CAPHC Conference Sessions

1. Bullying – physical, cyber-bullies

1.1. Potential Speakers

1.1.1. Dr Neil Gottheil - CHEO

2. Healthy Hospitals

2.1. look at the leadership role the health centre should be playing

2.1.1. ie: walking the walk, so to speak

2.2. potential speakers

2.2.1. Derek Puddester

2.3. Topics

2.3.1. health active living

2.3.2. mental health

2.3.3. obesity

2.3.4. bariatric surgery

3. Building Healthy Communities

3.1. potential for World Cafe slot

3.2. opulation health, bring in the determinants of health, and look at external partners and factor such as the education system, housing, social services, etc

4. Genetics

4.1. How are paed health centres responding to the explosion in genetic medicine

4.2. advances in population screening

4.3. targeted screening or personalized medicine

5. “What’s working and what are the challenges in building effective relationships between Hospital & Foundation CEOs (i.e. Senior leadership).

5.1. The hospital foundation executives from across Canada have agreed to provide some info about this topic.

6. Successful Family-Service Provider Partnerships

6.1. Suggested Speakers

6.1.1. Louise Kinross – Editor of Bloom/Bloorview Kids Rehab

7. Anaphylaxis

7.1. Topics

7.1.1. misinformation about peanut allergy workplace schools home airlines

8. Circumpolar Health