The nature of approaches and methods in language teaching.

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The nature of approaches and methods in language teaching. by Mind Map: The nature of approaches and methods in language teaching.

1. APPROACH (e.g. Communicative Approach)

1.1. Refers to theories and principles in language teaching

1.1.1. Structural view Language as a system of structurally defined elements

1.1.2. Functional view Language as a vehicle of functional meaning

1.1.3. Interactional view Language as a vehicle of interpersonal relations and social transactions between individuals

2. METHOD (e.g. TBLT)

2.1. A method is the procedural part of an approach, in which it is necessary to design an instructional system

2.1.1. Objectives They determine what a method sets out to achieve

2.1.2. Organization of the content The decission of making a syllabus, depending on the language issues of the course

2.1.3. Types of learning and activities Interaction between teacher, students and materials.

2.1.4. Roles Teacher´s role To integrate both the objectives of the method and learning theory. Student´s role -Planning their own learning program -Monitoring and evaluating their own progress - Interacting with others -Tutoring other students -Learning from other resources Instructional material´s role Making connections between the material created for the course and the students and teacher needs.

3. TECHNIQUE (e.g. Silent Way)

3.1. According to a particular method, the different practices and behaviors that are managed in order to teach a language.

3.1.1. Practices

3.1.2. Behaviors

3.1.3. Resources Time Space Equipment

3.1.4. Interactional patterns

3.1.5. Tactics

3.1.6. Strategies