Win The Advertising Game Everyday

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Win The Advertising Game Everyday by Mind Map: Win The Advertising Game Everyday

1. Crushing it on AdWords Every single day

1.1. The Basic Expertise

1.1.1. Quality Score Is King! New node

1.1.2. Context(and not Keyword) is Everything

1.1.3. How does AdWords think New node

1.1.4. Terms explained(Visually)

1.2. Step1- Win on Every Campaign

1.2.1. Content Constant Measurement- VPL vs CPL SuperTargeting Smart Optimization Technique Hierarchy Driven Optimization ABCS- Write a Winning Ad

1.2.2. Search Crushing the Quality Score Game SuperTargeting Smart Optimization ABCS- Write a Winning Ad

1.2.3. Video

1.3. Step2- Win on Every Account

1.3.1. Account Level Strategy

1.3.2. Conversion & Display Conversion Optimizers

1.3.3. Account Level Quality Scores

1.4. Step3- The Expert Level, simplified

1.4.1. Fortress & Testing Account

1.4.2. Macro Account Management

1.4.3. Rapid Account Optimization

2. Be The Best There Is- Analytics & Advertising

2.1. Understanding your customers

2.1.1. Timely Trends

2.1.2. Location Trends

2.1.3. Behavioral Trends

2.2. Advanced Campaign Management

2.2.1. Measuring ROI/Campaign

2.2.2. Advanced Keyword Management

2.2.3. Advanced Placement Management

2.3. Site Optimization

2.3.1. Using Multi Channel Funnels- Streamline your Advertising

2.3.2. Ninja Split Testing- Content Experiments

2.4. Become an Analytics Ninja

2.4.1. Setup & Terms

2.4.2. Analytics Hiererchy

3. Underlying Theme

3.1. Deeply Analytical Mindset

3.2. Understanding AdWords Intelligence

3.3. Using Intuition to its best

4. "What is Working, May Work Forever! "