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The ICT CPD Landscape by Mind Map: The ICT CPD Landscape
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The ICT CPD Landscape



Provider-based 91% School-based 5% Online 4%


provides background, context and informs: + types and themes of provision on offer + helps us identify current deficits

Sociocultural and technology context

National Policy Context

Global and National Policies

Research summaries, syntheses


party to decision making with a vested interest


Teachers: the doubters, the wary, the uncommitted, the converted, the evangelists

Institutions: Early Adopters, Diffusion Stage, Late Adopters

    (2004) Diffusion of Innovations Everett M. Rogers University of New Mexico Arvind Singhal University of Texas – El Paso and Margaret M. Quinlan Ohio University A chapter in Don Stacks and Michael Salwen (Eds) (in press). An integrated approach to communication theory and research. New York: Routledge.