Visual Literacy

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Visual Literacy by Mind Map: Visual Literacy

1. Definitions

1.1. What is visual literacy

1.1.1. There is no single definition of Visual Literacy ACRL (Association of College and Research Libraries) Wikipedia

1.1.2. the ability to read and interpret visual materials codes

2. Evidence

2.1. Understanding Visual Literacy

2.1.1. the history of visual communication visual learning

3. Context

3.1. visualisation strategies

3.2. Format

3.2.1. Images

3.3. Moving Images

3.3.1. Animation gifs

3.4. Maps

3.4.1. Online Maps user created maps MindMaps GIS

3.4.2. Traditional maps

3.4.3. Diagrams & schematics inforgraphics

4. Pedagogical Strategies

4.1. Effectiveness of images

4.1.1. schematics maps

4.1.2. Visual Narratives storylines moving images representaional metaphors VisuaL Literacy in the curriculum Teaching Visual Literacies Created by students for teachers

5. Resources