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Marketing Operational Process (PDVA) by Mind Map: Marketing Operational Process (PDVA)
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Marketing Operational Process (PDVA)

To understand: What is my marketing mix? How to implement the marketing plan? How to control it? How to improve it?

Marketing plan

Objective: to translate the strategic marketing process into actions

Marketing Mix

Marketing effort

Decision variables (under control): Quality (Product) Price Service level (Place) Advertising and promotion costs   Environmental variables (no control): Political-Institutional Economic-physical Socio-cultural Technological Environmental Legal Competitors' moves


Monitoring and control

Marketing information systems

To monitor the results of the marketing plan implementation  

Marketing control systems

To control the coherence of my company's strategic objectives with the marketing plan   The most important difference with Management Control Systems is that Marketing Control Systems focuses more on the external information (competitors and market)

Corrective actions