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Recruiters Serving Hedge Funds - Public by Mind Map: Recruiters Serving Hedge Funds - Public
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Recruiters Serving Hedge Funds - Public

New York

A-L Associates, New York (R,C)

Abert Associates, New York (R)

Allegis Partners, New York (R)

Alpha Search Advisory Partners, Manhasset, N.Y.

Atlantic Group, New York (R,C)

Boyden, New York (R)

BraddockMatthews, New York (R)

Broadreach Group, New York (R,C)

Caldwell Partners, New York (R)

Cardea Group, New York (R,C)

Coleman & Co., New York (R,C)

CPI, New York (R,C)

CTPartners, New York (R)

D.S. Wolf Group, New York (R)

Dynamics Search Partners, New York (C)

Elevation Search, New York (C)

Execu-Search Group, New York (R,C)

Global Sage, New York (R)

Glocap Search, New York (R,C)

Goldsmith & Co., New York (R)

Higdon Partners, New York R)

Hudson Gate Partners, New York (R,C)

iFind Group, New York (C)

IJC Partners, New York (R,C)

Intelligent Alternatives, New York (C)

International Market Recruiters, New York (R,C)

Intuition Financial Placement, New York (R,C)

Jamesbeck Global Partners, New York (R)

Jensen Partners, New York (R,C)

JG Coules Advisors, New York (R)

JR Stadin, New York (C)

JSB Partners, New York (R,C)

Korn/Ferry International, New York (R)

Long Ridge Partners, New York (R,C)

Mercury Partners, New York (C)

Michael Page International, New York (R,C)

Michael Weber Consultants, New York (R,C)

Mission Staffing, New York (R,C)

New Post Executive Search, New York (C)

O’Gorman & Co., New York (R,C)

Odyssey Search Partners, New York (R,C)

Options Group, New York (R,C)

Prince Houston, New York (R)

Principle Strategies, New York (R)

Quest Organization, New York (R,C)

Ramax Search, New York (C)

Response Companies, New York (R,C)

Robin Judson Partners, New York (R,C)

Russell Reynolds Associates, New York (R)

SearchOne, New York (R,C)

Sinon Group, New York (C)

Spencer Stuart, New York (R)

SPG Executive Search, New York (R,C)

Third Street Partners, New York (R)

Wall Street Options, New York (R,C)

Westwood Partners, New York (R)

WhiteRock Group, New York (R,C)


Brenner Advisors International, Greenwich, Conn. (R)

Cornell Global, Wilton, Conn. (R,C)

Diamond Group, Fairfield, Conn. (R,C)

Elm Talent Group, New Haven, Conn. (R,C)

GPS Executive Search, Greenwich, Conn. (R,C)

McIntyre Group, Norwalk., Conn. (C)

Pinetum Partners, Greenwich, Conn. (R)

Sage Search Advisors, Greenwich (R,C)

Smith Hanley Associates, Southport, Conn. (R,C)


Comprehensive Recruiting, Tempe, Ariz. (C)


Corporate Search Partners, Dallas


DHR International, Chicago (R)

First Associates, Chicago (C)

Lightship Employment Solutions, Chicago (R)


GF Parish Group, Minnetonka, Minn. (R)

New Jersey

HF Solutions, Freehold, N.J. (R,C)


Innovations PSI, San Francisco (C)


Primary Group, Longwood, Fla. (R)

Steven Douglas Associates, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. (R)

North Carolina

Talent Bridge, Charlotte (R,C)


Watershed Management, Williamsburg, Va. (R,C)


IMR Investments

RMG Associates

RAH Financial