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Recruiters Serving Hedge Funds - Public by Mind Map: Recruiters Serving Hedge Funds
- Public
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Recruiters Serving Hedge Funds - Public

New York

A-L Associates, New York (R,C)

John Carley, 212-878-9047, LinkedIn People

Abert Associates, New York (R)

Janice Abert, 914-328-7061

Allegis Partners, New York (R)

Douglas Hanslip, 212-201-3980, LinkedIn Company

Alpha Search Advisory Partners, Manhasset, N.Y.

Robert Olman, 516-626-7896, LinkedIn Company

Atlantic Group, New York (R,C)

Rich Scardina, 212-271-1190, LinkedIn Company

Boyden, New York (R)

Kate Quinn, 212-949-9400, LinkedIn Company

BraddockMatthews, New York (R)

Derek Braddock, 212-257-4422, LinkedIn Company

Broadreach Group, New York (R,C)

Brian Grover, 646-277-3640, LinkedIn Company

Caldwell Partners, New York (R)

Paul Heller, 212-953-3220, LinkedIn Company

Cardea Group, New York (R,C)

Andrea Colabella, 646-723-2339, LinkedIn Company

Coleman & Co., New York (R,C)

Carol Coleman, 212-867-4678, LinkedIn Company

CPI, New York (R,C)

Brian O’Callaghan, 212-354-3933, LinkedIn Company

CTPartners, New York (R)

Dennis Grant, 212-588-3542, LinkedIn Company

D.S. Wolf Group, New York (R)

David Wolf, 212-692-9400, LinkedIn Company

Dynamics Search Partners, New York (C)

Keith Mann, 212-629-4767, LinkedIn People

Elevation Search, New York (C)

Scott B. Witkin, 917-621-5270, LinkedIn People

Execu-Search Group, New York (R,C)

Mitchell Peskin, 212-204-5107, LinkedIn Company

Global Sage, New York (R)

Lisa Steele, 646-557-3005, LinkedIn Company

Glocap Search, New York (R,C)

Anthony Keizner, 212-333-6410, LinkedIn Company

Goldsmith & Co., New York (R)

Joe Goldsmith, 212-419-1239, LinkedIn Company

Higdon Partners, New York R)

Maryann Bovich, 212-986-4662, LinkedIn Company

Hudson Gate Partners, New York (R,C)

Paul Sassa, 646-502-5223, LinkedIn Company

iFind Group, New York (C)

Jodi Wechsler, 212-796-6520, LinkedIn Company

IJC Partners, New York (R,C)

Kyle Ramkissoon, 646-277-7399, LinkedIn Company

Intelligent Alternatives, New York (C)

Katy Lederer, 718-564-4516, LinkedIn People

International Market Recruiters, New York (R,C)

Will Sakellaris, 212-819-9100, LinkedIn Company

Intuition Financial Placement, New York (R,C)

Anita Hill Sands, 212-786-6162, LinkedIn Company

Jamesbeck Global Partners, New York (R)

Beth Rustin, 212-616-7444, LinkedIn Company

Jensen Partners, New York (R,C)

Sasha Jensen, 212-457-0062, LinkedIn Company

JG Coules Advisors, New York (R)

Greg Coules, 646-480-6170, LinkedIn Company

JR Stadin, New York (C)

Jonathan Stadin, 212-332-3436, LinkedIn People

JSB Partners, New York (R,C)

Joseph Barr, 212-750-7007, LinkedIn Company

Korn/Ferry International, New York (R)

Michael Castine, 212-984-9321, LinkedIn Company

Long Ridge Partners, New York (R,C)

Michael Goodman, 212-366-6686, LinkedIn Company

Mercury Partners, New York (C)

Marc Wiener, 212-687-0142, LinkedIn Company

Michael Page International, New York (R,C)

David Martin, 617-428-3687, LinkedIn Company

Michael Weber Consultants, New York (R,C)

Michael Weber, 646-290-5251, LinkedIn Company

Mission Staffing, New York (R,C)

Jonathan Gelfand, 212-758-5211

New Post Executive Search, New York (C)

Jim O’Meara, 646-532-6678, LinkedIn Peope

O’Gorman & Co., New York (R,C)

Mary O’Gorman, 718-802-1141, LinkedIn Company

Odyssey Search Partners, New York (R,C)

Adam Kahn, 212-750-5677, LinkedIn Company

Options Group, New York (R,C)

Michael Karp, 212-982-0900, LinkedIn Company

Prince Houston, New York (R)

Marylin Prince, 212-313-9891, LinkedIn Group

Principle Strategies, New York (R)

Sara Katz, 646-682-9745, LinkedIn Company

Quest Organization, New York (R,C)

Michael Rosenblatt, 212-971-0033, LinkedIn Company

Ramax Search, New York (C)

Peter Tannenbaum, 212-686-1686, LinkedIn Company

Response Companies, New York (R,C)

Robin Sukdeo, 212-843-9177, LinkedIn Company

Robin Judson Partners, New York (R,C)

Robin Judson, 212-573-0912, LinkedIn Group

Russell Reynolds Associates, New York (R)

Lynn Tidd, 617-722-6217, LinkedIn Company

SearchOne, New York (R,C)

Michael Garmisa, 212-286-2400, LinkedIn Company

Sinon Group, New York (C)

John Sinon, 646-532-6677, LinkedIn Company

Spencer Stuart, New York (R)

Michael Partington, 203-326-3773, LinkedIn Company

SPG Executive Search, New York (R,C)

Ronald Williams, 212-824-1576, LinkedIn Company

Third Street Partners, New York (R)

Amanda H. Grant, 212.886.1088, LinkedIn Company

Wall Street Options, New York (R,C)

Steve Fleming, 212-937-1045, LinkedIn Company

Westwood Partners, New York (R)

Adam Herz, 212-672-3350, LinkedIn Company

WhiteRock Group, New York (R,C)

Gustavo Dolfino, 646-790-8995, LinkedIn Company


Brenner Advisors International, Greenwich, Conn. (R)

Viktoria Brenner, 203-653-6777, LinkedIn People

Cornell Global, Wilton, Conn. (R,C)

John Weidner, 203-762-0730, LinkedIn Company

Diamond Group, Fairfield, Conn. (R,C)

Steve Diamond, 203-256-9955, LinkedIn People

Elm Talent Group, New Haven, Conn. (R,C)

Cliff Dank, 203-528-0357, LinkedIn Company

GPS Executive Search, Greenwich, Conn. (R,C)

Marybeth Gilmartin, 917-561-5995, LinkedIn Company

McIntyre Group, Norwalk., Conn. (C)

Tom Mix, 203-750-1111, LinkedIn Company

Pinetum Partners, Greenwich, Conn. (R)

Sandy Gross, 203-625-9340, LinkedIn People

Sage Search Advisors, Greenwich (R,C)

Linda Petrone, 203-622-4519, LinkedIn People

Smith Hanley Associates, Southport, Conn. (R,C)

Richard Wastrom, 203-319-4300, LinkedIn Company


Comprehensive Recruiting, Tempe, Ariz. (C)

Craig Stocksleger, 480-968-4000, LinkedIn Company


Corporate Search Partners, Dallas

Mark Falvo, 214-361-0082, LinkedIn Company


DHR International, Chicago (R)

Geoffrey Hoffmann, 312-782-1581, LinkedIn Company

First Associates, Chicago (C)

Sue Whitledge, 312-253-4009, LinkedIn Company

Lightship Employment Solutions, Chicago (R)

Jim Johnston, 312-616-9952, LinkedIn Company


GF Parish Group, Minnetonka, Minn. (R)

Gabrielle Parish, 952-541-0613, LinkedIn Company

New Jersey

HF Solutions, Freehold, N.J. (R,C)

John Del Cioppo, 732-713-2010, LinkedIn Company


Innovations PSI, San Francisco (C)

Suzanne Heske, 415-392-4022, LinkedIn Company


Primary Group, Longwood, Fla. (R)

Paul Cresho, 407-869-4111, LinkedIn Group

Steven Douglas Associates, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. (R)

Jon Bartick, 954-385-8595, LinkedIn Group

North Carolina

Talent Bridge, Charlotte (R,C)

Tiffany Thomasson, 704-644-7000, LinkedIn Company


Watershed Management, Williamsburg, Va. (R,C)

Ron Starzman, 917-310-3831, LinkedIn Company


IMR Investments

Kristen Schriver, LinkedIn Company

RMG Associates

Buzz Bray, LinkedIn Company

RAH Financial

Roger Hendrix