Australian Technologies Curriculum

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Australian Technologies Curriculum by Mind Map: Australian Technologies Curriculum

1. Curriculum Aims and Objectives

1.1. Develop knowledge and Understanding of skills

1.2. Opportunities for students to work collaboratively and individually

1.2.1. Understand history of how technology has developed

1.2.2. Effectively select the appropriate technologies

1.2.3. Critique, évaluate, investigate and engage in the technology process and solutions

2. Technologies

2.1. Subjects

2.1.1. Design and Technologies Strands Knowledge and Understanding Process and Production Skills

2.1.2. Digital Technologies Strands Knowledge and Understanding Process and Production Skills

3. Key Concepts

3.1. Digital Technologies

3.1.1. Abstraction

3.1.2. Data Collection Representation Interpretation

3.1.3. Specification

3.1.4. Digital Systems

3.1.5. Interactions

3.2. Key Ideas

3.2.1. Design and Technologies Systems thinking and the overarching idea creating preferred futures Project Management

4. General Capabilities

4.1. Add depth and richness to students learning

4.2. Literacy (LIT)

4.3. Numeracy (NUM)

4.4. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

4.5. Capability of critical and creative thinking (CCT)

4.6. Personal and social capability (PSC)

4.7. Ethical understanding (EU)

4.8. Intercultural understanding (ICU)

5. Student Diversity

5.1. ACARA- All students have rights

5.2. Students with disability

5.3. English as an additional language or dialect

5.4. Gifted and talented students

6. Cross Curriculum Priorities

6.1. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures

6.2. Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia

6.3. Sustainability

7. Band Levels

7.1. Foundation to Year 2

7.2. Years 3 & 4

7.3. Years 5 & 6

7.4. Years 7 & 8

7.5. Years 9 & 10

7.6. Content Descriptions

7.6.1. Occur at each band level

7.6.2. Describe knowledge, understanding and skills teachers are expected to teach and students are expected to learn.

7.6.3. They have been written to ensure learning is ordered appropriately and repetition is avoided.

7.7. Contents Elaborations

7.7.1. Occur at each band level

7.7.2. Support material that is to be taught and assist teachers in developing an understanding of the content descriptions.

7.8. Achievement Standards

7.8.1. Occur at each band level

7.8.2. Students need to demonstrate their learning at particular points in their schooling.

7.8.3. They reflect the learning of each subject along with Technologies subjects.

7.8.4. Portfolios of students work samples need to illustrate the expected learning and help teachers make judgments about the students achievement.