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The Great Depression by Mind Map: The Great Depression
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The Great Depression


Soviet Union decreased price of wheat, so other the government can gain money.

American banks gave loans to Germany

Before the Crash

A lot of investment in stocks

Banks were quick to give loans to investors

Buying on Margin


The Crash happened on October 29, 1929. And lasted until 1942

Banks/ Bankers tried to sell stocks all at once and failed

Very few people were able to trade on the stock exchange


Unemployment increased and the government didn't help.

Product Conductivity decrease, causing more people to lose their jobs.

With more people unemployed, the purchasing power decreased more and so did product conductivity.


The poor people became even more poor

42% of America was under the poverty line

Middle Class

58% of America was people who were in the Middle Class.

People lost jobs when productivity decrease and had to cut back on purchases

The decrease in consumption affect the whole country in a bad way.

President Hoover

He didn't want the government to play an active role in the economy

Voluntary Non - Coercive Cooperation

Hoover Mortatorium

Reconstruction Finance Corporation

Tariff War

To protect the U.S. industry

The U.S. government didn't realize that this became a global economy and was not just America being affected

Productivity decreased again


WW1 soldiers were not being paid by government

Soldiers walked to Washington D.C. to get Government's attention

In a year, these soldiers were dispersed by the Army

Franklin D. Roosevelt

The New Deal


National Industrial Recovery Act and National Recovery Admin

Increase industrial growth

No child labor, shortened work hours

Liberty League


The Tennessee Valley Authority

nationalization v. privatization

Wanted hydroelectric power, control flooding, and private industries.

Federal government wasn't able to control this


Agrucultural Adjustment Act

Help Farmers restore their farms

Subsides- Farmers had to pay for not supplying foods.

Food Stamp Act


Civilian Conservation Corps/ National Youth Admin


Gave work to young men, ages 18-25

National Labour Relations Act

Outlawed anti- unions and "blacklists"

Unions and labors tactics such as collective bargaining and actions or strikes.

Social Security Act

Creeping Socialism

Welfare State


Election- FDR ran again

World War

Isolationist Foreign Policy



America became Arsenal of Democracy

Social Reform

FDR helped reformed America