under the articles

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under the articles by Mind Map: under the articles

1. the emerging political parties

1.1. federalists

1.1.1. were more educated wanted large government had brightest minds of the times had many supporting news papers

1.2. anti-federalists

1.2.1. were less educated in general had more common man appeal made bill of rights possible

2. the constitution

2.1. the states constituions

2.1.1. each one was allowed to make their own

2.2. the federal constituion

2.2.1. was largely debated mostly between the federalist and the anti-federalist the bill of rights was put into effect mainly due to the work of the anti-federalists the federalists wanted a large central government

3. the flaws of the articles

3.1. there were numerous flaws they included no taxing they had to ask for money

3.2. they didnt have any funds they couldnt function

3.3. had to have a unanimous vote which makes it extremly dificult to pass anything.

4. the strenths of the articles

4.1. there were actully only two really good things that came from the articles the north west ordinace and the land ordinance

5. the debate of slavery and womens rights

5.1. many slave owners released their slaves

5.2. many women fought for womens rights and compared it to slavery

5.3. progress made by some colored people proved that they could survive on their own

5.4. there were many anti slavery groups