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the new deal by Mind Map: the new deal
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the new deal

This was the name FDR gave to his new program to fight the Depression

it was a revolution in American society - changed completely the way the gov't functions

the first phase of the New Deal dealt exclusively w/ eco. reform - unlike Hoover, FDR believed gov't legislation/involvement was crucial to stimulate the economy

step 1 - dealt w/ the banking crisis - BANKING HOLIDAY- banks shut down and subject to gov't inspection, allowed to open when "healthy"- people's confidence returned • they redeposited, allowing banks to invest in the economy

step 2 - stock market reform- Security Exchange Commission est. to police the NYSE (first chmn. was Joseph P. Kennedy)- practice of buying on margin was regulated

step 3 - to put more $ in circulation, FDR went off the GOLD STANDARD (gov't could print more $ than Fort Knox gold reserves would allow)- w/ more $ in circulation, wages and prices increased

NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL RECOVERY ACT (NIRA) and NATIONAL RECOVERY ADMIN (NRA) were established to end animosity b/n labour and business • all was redirected to industrial growth • fair labour codes established - wages, no child labour, shortened work hours- business people challenged the NRA, claiming it was communist

TENNESSEE VALLEY AUTHORITY (TVA) - used to promote hydroelectric power, control flooding - lower rates • private industry, manuf. fertilizer •fed. gov't. took ownership (nationalization v. privatization)