Just War Theory Violated

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Just War Theory Violated by Mind Map: Just War Theory Violated

1. 1st Crusades

1.1. The war was for the Church, so it was not legitimate authority that gave the order for soldiers to attack.

1.2. It was a surprise attack so probability of success was low.

1.2.1. It ended up being a massacre, so it was an unreasonable loss of life for no cause to be gained.

1.3. It was very outnumbered and imbalanced, so the proportionality was completely violated.

2. 30 Year war (Counter reformation

2.1. The intentions were wrong as well because it was all for land and trade therefore money.

2.2. This war was most definitely not a Last Resort in fact it was probably the first idea that came to mind because the church could have negotiated something.

2.3. Many civilians were hurt as well during this Great War between the leaders of Europe, so there was no Non Combat Immunity or attempt to not hurt civilians.

3. Battle of AginCourt

3.1. Probability of Success was violated because King Henry knew the French had a bigger army

3.2. Legitimate authority was not given because he defied the ruling council.

3.3. Right intention was also violated because he fought for money instead of something just.