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Youth Work by Mind Map: Youth Work
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Youth Work


Unemployment and money Having a job or being empoyled is the best way to get money. Not having a job leads to lack of money in whcih you have to surivie on. Unemployment and Centrelink If someone is unemployed they are unable to provide for there family. Assitance for these family is provided throught the Australian Government or better known as centrelink. A young person who is studing is also able to seek assitance through youth allowance.

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Immigration and Education Some immigrants come to Australia to seek a "better" education. The education that is supplied to the Australian public is one of the highest in the world, there for many different people who come to get what they see as a "better" education not only in our unis but also our primary and secondary school.   Immigration and umeployment People who come to Australia may be unemployed for a number of reasons. These reason may include:a lack of education - this could mean not being able to speak/write in english, not have the "right" skills to obtain the job they are seeking or simply not knowing how to go about getting a job in Australia. Lack of good health - Some people come to Australia in a poor physical, mental and social health this means that it is almost impossiable to get a job or to even get out of bed.    


Centrelink and Housing   Centrelink provides assitance for people who find it hard to afford housing this can be done in two ways. The first way is to provide rent assitance and the second is Government housing also known a comission housing. Centrelink and  Immigration   Alot of immigrats are unable to get a Job due to many reasons. Centrelink helps these people by assiting them with money. Alot of Australians say people come to Austrlia because of the "free" money the Australian Government "hands out".


Housing and Welfare A house or a home provides a person with shelter. Shelter is a key element in keeping healthy, physicaly, mentaly and socialy.  

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Money and Centrelink People who are unemployed seek assitance from the Australian Government (centrelink). They provide assitance in many different ways such as money and sometimes assitance in housing.    


A lack of education can lead to unemployment. Whilst at school you learn valueable skills which can help you cope in the work force and the outside world. These skills can range from learning to be on time and computer skills. If you did not finish to at least and year 10 standard you will find it hard to get empolyment and there for a stable income which can impact on all parts of life ranging from health to housing and self esteem.


Some young people do not know how to use any transport. This is because they may not have been shown how to do this. Transport wheather it is private (car) or public (train and buses ) cost money this could be as small as $2 for a train ticket to $1000 in services and care for a car. If a young person doesnt not have the money for any type of transport they are unable to travel which in some cases could mean they can not get to school or work. Transport and Education   Some people need transport to get to school or uni. If they are unable to access a transport method then accessing schooling can be hard. Even more so when the young person is living in a rural or remote place.


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