Why Raffles chose Singapore?

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Why Raffles chose Singapore? by Mind Map: Why Raffles chose Singapore?

1. British -3 ports,Dutch-9 ports

1.1. Compete with Dutch

1.1.1. Why? control over Spice trade

1.2. Control sea routes

1.2.1. bet China and India Why? Important for spice trade

1.3. British ports not effective

1.3.1. Location Penang Too far north Bencoolen and Batavia Longer route Dangerous West Coast of Sumatra

2. Location

2.1. Strategic

2.1.1. Why? more convenient How is it convenient?

3. Excellent Harbour

3.1. Deep waters

3.1.1. Bigger ships enter

3.2. Sheltered

3.2.1. Protected Dutch competition'

3.2.2. Storms

4. Commanding position

4.1. Protection

4.1.1. China Trade BR trading ships

4.1.2. Pirates

4.1.3. Dutch competition