Can we drill here?

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Can we drill here? by Mind Map: Can we drill here?

1. What type of rock is it?

2. Hydrocarbon indicators?

3. Has this rock produced hydrocarbons in the area?

3.1. When?

3.1.1. How much? Who produced?

4. Is this area legal to drill in?

4.1. Does our company have mineral rights?

5. Is this a vertical target or horizontal target?

5.1. Does this fit company plan?

6. Has it been mapped?

6.1. Are there structural features/controls?

7. Has it produced from down dip of location?

8. How did this rock get here?

9. Does it have a competent seal?

10. Is it thick enough to drill and produce?

11. How high is the clay content?

11.1. Will this affect drilling?

12. Environmental concerns?

13. Do we have any pre-existing infrastructure?

14. Porosity?

15. Resistivity?

16. Are there any special properties of this rock that could give false readings?

17. Is there potential to develop?

17.1. Uphole potential?

17.1.1. Secondary recovery?

18. Overlying hot shales? Other drilling issues?

19. Can we fracture this rock?

20. Is the play fractured?

20.1. Drainage issues?

21. How much water will it produce?

22. Is it economical?

23. Can we use conventional pumping?

24. Can we convince management?

25. Other operators on the lease?

25.1. Can we force pull them?

26. What is the rate of return?

27. Is this rock mapped?

27.1. Does it have structural control?

27.1.1. Is there production down dip?

28. Does this rock look prospective?

28.1. Why?

29. What type of rock is it?

30. What is the resistivity?

30.1. How does this compare to other areas of production?

31. Porosity?

32. Hydrocarbon indicators?

33. Has this rock produced before?

33.1. If so, when? Is depletion a concern?

34. Mineralogy of the rock?

35. Nearby or overlying shales?

35.1. Will this inhibit drilling?

36. What is the clay content of this rock?

37. Is this area legal to drill in?

37.1. Does our company have the mineral rights in this area?

38. Are the previous data reliable?

39. What were the sedimentary controls of the rock?

40. Is this a vertical target or a resource play?

41. Is the play fractured?

41.1. If yes, will drainage be an issue?

42. How will we stimulate the rock?

43. What type of pump is most efficient?

44. Volumetrics and recovery factor?

44.1. Economic?

45. Will this require an injection well?

46. Is there potential for development in the area?

46.1. Uphole targets?

47. Other environmental concerns?

48. Can we convince management?