Engineering and Manufacturing Class

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Engineering and Manufacturing Class by Mind Map: Engineering and Manufacturing Class

1. i love it because you can make your design how ever you want it

2. I love it because i can learn more about music and learn how to make music on the computer

3. hot wire!!!!!!!!!!!

4. lots of fun

5. cool cool cool coool

6. Digital Photography

6.1. lots of fun i liked it because i always wanted to be a photographer

6.2. Its cool

7. Graphic Design

7.1. awzome

7.2. Fun

7.3. flys realy hign

7.3.1. Its pree coo

7.4. awesome

8. Space and Rocketry

8.1. I really liked learning about space and rockets

8.2. I laumched a rocket extremely high

8.3. very cool

8.4. I liked learning about the history of rocketry and then making one.


8.6. this is alredy fun and its day 3!!!!!!!!!!!!

8.7. i liked how i shot muy rocket and how i caught it

8.8. this was very fun because i didnt put a parachute in mine

9. Research and Design

9.1. lol lots of fun lol

9.2. i liked on how we made race cars.

9.3. this was fun! mrs. rodgeras was a big help

10. Digital Music

10.1. I am in band and thought it was a lot help and fun

11. Digital Audio

11.1. 4 words: best radio!

12. Residential Wiring

13. Residential Plumbing

14. DVD

15. Flight

15.1. this module was cool

15.2. this was a really fun module

15.3. Awsome

15.4. AWESOME!!!!!!!

15.5. i got to fly

16. Residential Construction

16.1. it is realy fun to work on the walls!

16.1.1. I really enjoyed it

17. Digital Manufacturing

17.1. it is fun because you can make a airplane

17.2. It was super fun because it flew pretty far

18. Animation

18.1. making the animation was really fun

18.2. I loved how i was able to make a flip book animation.

19. Desktop Publishing

19.1. really easy and tons of fun

19.2. It was really fast and

20. Website Design

20.1. sounds like a lot of fun

20.2. I liked this module because I was able to personalize my very own page to however I wanted it

20.3. I liked that it had short videos

20.4. cool fun glider

21. Engineering Structures

21.1. i built a modal of a bridge.

21.2. I liked building the model bridge

21.3. I loved to test and see how well our bridge did.

22. i loved it (Tayden)

23. sweet

24. This can give a quick and good example of what happens in this class. This would want me to join.