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Pervasive Games by Mind Map: Pervasive Games
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Pervasive Games

How do you move to an Audience Funded model?

Pledge model?

Subtle Mobs

Integrating with a physical place

Changing your understanding of your environment

How it works

Not being tailored by technology

Commissioned by the Vauxhall Collective

Slow Games

Games that pervade your life, but only very slightly

Using the city as a game engine

Enhancing The Theater Experience

Breaking down the 4th wall

Game designers/dramatic storytellers can activate an audience with simple technologies


How Do You Design A Pervasive Game/Experience

Seamful experience

What makes a game

The narrative is the user's experience

Can a pervasive game be a mass media

If they stay with you afterwards, it was a good experience

Can pervasive games provoke social change

Games As Happiness Engines