What might my classroom look like?

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What might my classroom look like? by Mind Map: What might my classroom look like?

1. assessment

1.1. small sight translations with peer review throughout the unit

1.1.1. Students would have two objectives: * to translate well (on one or two particular grammar points) * to show their thought processes

2. in-class readings

2.1. from an idea of Sammie Smith's: Ning work for upper level Latin, where students role play as a character from the work, responding to discussion questions in character

3. patterns/roles

3.1. from an idea of Alan November's

3.2. researcher

3.2.1. as class has questions, this person is responsible for researching those answers, whether it be that day or for homework (would this role excuse that person from homework that day? Maybe ... Probably ...)

3.3. recorder

3.3.1. in charge of updating wiki with notes (I e-mail my notebook file or the class is just stuck with the recorder's work for that day). One element of recording, in addition to notes from me, would be the researcher's tasks for the night and the connector's thoughts on the day's work

3.4. connector

3.4.1. person in charge of relating current work to life in general, certain people we could contact for more info, etc.

4. long-term projects

4.1. Dipity time line

4.1.1. to contextualize the story line of the Cambridge books, and for individuals to add their assigned work on the history and legends of Roman society

4.2. individual blogs

4.3. classroom wiki

4.4. edmodo accounts for in-class translation work in the computer lab

4.4.1. a la @teachpaperless' work with Twitter in his classroom

5. New node