Time Line for my Vacation

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Time Line for my Vacation by Mind Map: Time Line for my Vacation

1. Day 12 . When I finally got out of school, my mom took my brothers and me to a ranch, and we went swiming then we just left.

2. Day 13 .Well we had came back from the ranch, so we just stayed at the house.

3. Day 14 .On this day we went to church in the morning, when we came back we went to China Harbor.

4. Day 15.This day my mom had to work so we didn't do anything exept stay in the house.

5. Day 16.My mom had to work still so we had to stay in the house all day.

6. Day 17.On this day my mom let me and my brothers knock down the shed in the back of the house.

7. Day 18.This day my mom left us in the house again butthen at night she took us to the movies to see Legion.

8. Day 19. This day we stayed in the house all day that Friday it my dad's turn to take us.

9. Day 20. On this day my dad was a little sick and it was cold out so we stayed at the house.

10. Day 21. This is the day my dad took us to church, after wards we went to H.E.B then had lunch and watched movies the

11. Day 22. On this day I had a Dentist appointment so I didn't go to school that day.