Year Seven History SOL 2011

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Year Seven History SOL 2011 by Mind Map: Year Seven History SOL 2011

1. Middle Ages

1.1. Project: Religious beliefs

1.2. "How powerful was the King? Rule Makers & Breakers I Norman Conquest How was Medieval Britain ruled? How powerful was the King? How did Medieval Monarchs keep control? Castles Who was the worst King? Why were some Kings deposed? Resistance to the rulers EISW Why were there so many wars in the Middle Ages? What is the story behind the Crusades? United Kingdom? EISW"

2. Spring

2.1. One

2.1.1. Topic One

2.1.2. Topic Two

2.1.3. Topic Three

2.1.4. Topic Four

2.1.5. Topic Five

2.1.6. Topic Six

2.2. Two

2.2.1. Topic One

2.2.2. Topic Two

2.2.3. Topic Three

2.2.4. Topic Four

2.2.5. Topic Five

2.2.6. Topic Six

3. Summer

3.1. One

3.1.1. Topic One

3.1.2. Topic Two

3.1.3. Topic Three

3.1.4. Topic Four Leisure "Thematic - The Big History of Leisure - Entertainment through the ages Arenas of Action – Roman gladiator games, chariot races to Wembley Stadium & Formula 1 Entertainment through the ages – Theatre, Opera, Dancing, Music Halls, Cinema, TV, Eating Out Holidays through time – from Roman Villas/Baths, medieval holy days to Blackpool Bucket & spade to package holidays & Cheap Flights to Rome When did we have the most fun?"

3.1.5. Topic Five

3.1.6. Topic Six

3.2. Two

3.2.1. Topic One

3.2.2. Topic Two

3.2.3. Topic Three

3.2.4. Topic Four Review of the Year Pole to Pole Diary

3.2.5. Topic Five

3.2.6. Topic Six

4. Autumn

4.1. One

4.1.1. Topic One Who am I? Project: Who am I?

4.1.2. Topic Two What is History? "What it History? Chronology, BC AD, Anachronism, why is history a load of old rubbish? Evidence, Historical Enquiry. Bias, Intro to significance? Who deserves a statue? Baseline Assessment"

4.1.3. Topic Three

4.1.4. Topic Four

4.1.5. Topic Five History Around Us Project: Where I live?

4.1.6. Topic Six

4.2. Two

4.2.1. Topic One Roman Empire Project: What was it like to the Roman Army? "The Roman Empire How was the Roman Empire controlled? Why did the Romans settle in Britain? Did people love or hate living in the Roman Empire? What did the Romans do for us? Legacy Romans to Normans"

4.2.2. Topic Two

4.2.3. Topic Three

4.2.4. Topic Four

4.2.5. Topic Five

4.2.6. Topic Six