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Globbed Ham by Mind Map: Globbed Ham
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Globbed Ham


Goods and services bought and sold in the world.

Accesable, Equality, and breaking down restrictions.

Eras of Globalization

1.0 broke walls, key change was power

2.0 key was multinational companies, breakthroughs in hardware

3.0 allowed individuals compete globally

Causes of Gloablization

The end of the Cold War- The fall of Berlin Wall.

The Internet- Communicates and shares ideas

Workflow Software- Communicates from other countries

Uploading- Sending data from one system to another

Outsourcing- Taking part of your company and giving it to another company

Offshoring- Having of outsourced business done in another country

Supply chain- stores selling and shipping goods in specific and organized manner

Insourcing- outsourcing with opposite perspective

Informing- New source of education, you can find anything on the internet

Steroids- Technology is more efficient and accessible to everyone

Triple Convergence

three major things came together to make globalization 3.0. Flatteners, billions of people, and buisnesses came together. It started in the late 1990s.

The Great Sorting Out

Talks about how coutries and societies will adapt to the dramaic changes that globalization would bring from business to individual entities.

The Quiet Crisis

The numbers gap- they're are not enough people to do the roll of a scientist or engineer because so many are retiring and no one is joining.

The funding gap-the percentage of things being done by americans in science is decreasing overtime.

The education gap at the bottom-wealthy schools get better teachers, principals, and staff. While the poor are just poor.

The ambition gap- While students in other countries are spending all their time on education and hardwork the americas are just being plan lazy. We dont get as hard of education as other countries.

The infrastructure gap-Most US homes can only access basic broadband which is not very reliable.

The education gap on top-kids are not getting enough education for the jobs in the future. Most sciencists and mathematic students are from other countries.

US and the Flat World

The US today has turned horizontal. The way you have to succeed now is by upgrading your skills. The percentages have gone down. Employment is getting worse. America is flattening.

Compassionate Flattism

The world is flattening. Other countries are more educated than the US. We need people to have better jobs with good benefits and oppurtunities. There is good fat and bad fat. We need some good fat like social security. We need parents to be apart of their childrens lives and know what is going on in the world and not make the government do all the work.

The Right Stuff

The world needs to concentrate on training their kids math and science so they can put it to use later on. Working on their education will keep them at a higher level with other countries. India and China have provided their children with science and math which has helped pull them out of povrerty. You need the right things to keep you competitive and at the same level with everyone else.

The New Middle Class

Collaborators and Orchestrators





Green People

Passionate Personalizers

Math Lovers

Unflat World

Too Sick are the people in other countries that have HIV-AIDS, malaria, TP, and polio or they are dying with heat stroke from the sun. Teachers and students are to busy caring for themselves and others that they can get their education or make a living.

Too Disempowered is the rural areas that are right on the border line of globalization but are not globalized. Technology needs to hit the rural areas. The rural areas need to be advanced.

Too Frustrated are the muslim people. The one thing that terrorists believe in is trust. Terrorists are taking everyday things and turning them into weapons like cars, shoes, buildings, etc.

Too Many Toyotas thirty thousand new cars are being added to the roads of Beijing every month. Thousand new cars a day. Chinese plan on migrating from the countryside to the city in the next two decades.

How Companies Cope

The biggest competition you have is yourself. What matters most is your own imagination.

The United States has more attributes than any other country. What makes us unique is our free, open, and competitive environment.

The society that wins in the end is the one with the least resistence to the interrupted flow of ideas, diversity, concepts, and competitive signals. Also has the efficiencies to translate whatever can be done quickly from idea to market.

Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention

That Israel has more weapons than Iran but Iran continues to threaten them with words when they have absolutely no weapons. Israel could take them down.

Korea started to go against everyone starting with WW2. They are now enemies with everyone. They had a war with Japan. Korea has a very evil leader and isolates themselves from the world. Nothing comes out of Korea, they're a communist country.

China feels that Taiwan is apart of their country but Taiwan looks at themselves as a totally separate country.

Pakistan and India are two different countries, two different religions, territorial disputes, both have nukes, can lead to nuclear war, both have fought war in Kashmir and both want Kashmir, and tons of exploding companies in India.