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Covered units by Mind Map: Covered units
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Covered units


This explains how the current world is shifting to a new world where the US will not be the worlds central power, but more likely India or China

regional economies, societies, and cultures have become integrated through a globe-spanning network of communication and trade

Eras of Globalization

1.0, 2.0, 3.0

Causes of Globalization

outsoucreing, insourceing, offshoreing, in forming, steroids, supply chains

A lot of things have caused it, the changing of economies, the many different gaps such as: motivation, funding, education, and many others.

Triple Convergence

3 different things that are making the world a more flatter playing field.

The Great Sorting Out

"Explains how countries and societies will adapt to the dramatic changes that globalization would bring from business to individual identities"

Jobs are being taken from America, and placed into countries like India or China for cheaper labor.

US and the Flat World

The world is flattening, and unfortunately for us, the rest of the world is globalizing as well.

The US may not be the top world power. this could be fairly soon

The Quiet Crisis

A lot of higher education jobs like scientists are retiring, and there are not enough younger americans going into these fields.

If this is not changed, there will be a massive decrease in technological advancements in our nation.

The Right Stuff

There is an educational requirement that has come around in order to survive in the flat world.

The New Middle Class

Among the middle class, there is a smaller class known as the "untouchables"

Compassionate Flatism

Thomas Friedman questions us; who will lead us into the forefront of this new globalized economy?