Code & Conventions of music video's (Pop/Rock genre)

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Code & Conventions of music video's (Pop/Rock genre) by Mind Map: Code & Conventions of music video's (Pop/Rock genre)

1. Structure Linear Narrative - It is conventions for music video's to have a linear narrative which is either lead by performance by the artist of song or a storyline.

2. Camera work Close-up- Close up shots of the band/artists are conventional and this can convey certain emotions.

3. Mise-en-Scene Instruments- It is conventional to show close ups of the instruments (particularly lead guitars) and to show the band performing.

4. Star Image - It is conventional to show the artist or lead singer of the band (as they tend to be the most well known) in the video as it attracts the artist fans.

5. Mise-en-Scene Image- The band/artist in the music video usually where clothing that doesn't stand out too much, where as pop musicians may where clothes to stand out, the pop rock genre tends to focus more on the music and narrative. The band or artist may wear dark clothes and could possibly have tattoos.

6. Lighting - In the pop genre, high key lighting is often used and the video is often vibrant and colourful. The rock genre is conventionally the opposite of this and low key lighting is used and the mise-en-scene is dark and dull. The pop rock genre is usually balanced in between the two types of genre's