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Globalization by Mind Map: Globalization

1. eras of globalization

1.1. 1.0

1.1.1. 1492-1800 This era is about the change in power. Broke down walls.

1.2. 2.0

1.2.1. 1800-2000 The key change was multinational compianes.

1.3. 3.0

1.3.1. 2000- present This era is going to all about the person as a indiviual.

2. causes

2.1. infroming

2.1.1. the ablity to inform people

2.2. steriods

2.2.1. Cell phones are a huge connecting tool in the globalized world

2.3. workflow software

2.3.1. This the ability to have computers basically communcate with each other.

2.4. supply chains

2.4.1. The ability to ship things a long distance and get the order acurate.

2.5. insourcing

2.5.1. This is where a company takes on another responiblity on top of what they have.

2.6. outsourcing

2.6.1. Shiping parts of a company to a different country.

2.7. offshoring

2.7.1. When a company just gets up and goes to another country.

2.8. end of cold war

2.8.1. This was sign of the fall of coummisum.

2.9. uploading

2.9.1. the ability to add your own information to the web pages. The ability to share things.

2.10. internet

2.10.1. This masive tool is the biggest thing in the globalized world today.

3. triple Convergence

3.1. Flatters have always been around and always will.

3.2. the kind of platforms will affect the outcome.

3.3. We neeed to be more horizontal

4. The Great Sorting Out

4.1. India vs. indiana

4.1.1. India was going to help indiana upgrade there computer systems but he govt. wanted to use a usa company becuase he doesnt like outsourcing. so he stopped the whole thing.

4.2. Where do companies start and stop

4.2.1. Where should companies start and stop? compaines are trying to do every thing they possibly can now adays.

4.3. Multiple identity disorder

4.3.1. Walmart is a great example of this

4.3.2. Walmart could out do almost every federal food program.

4.4. who owns what

4.4.1. when somone dies who owns there yahoo or myspace. The govt or the family

4.5. death of a salesman

4.5.1. with ebay and amazon now a days we dont need saleman these days peole can just do it there selfs.

5. Us and the flat world

5.1. if america is going to even consider to be a threat in the world we need to get are stuff straight.

6. the quiet crisis

6.1. ambition gap

6.1.1. american's lack the ambition to do well in the economic world.

6.2. numbers gap

6.2.1. Americans dont have enough people going into the math and science fields.

6.3. education gap at the bottom

6.3.1. students would rather take classes they are interested in than take classes they have to like math classes.

6.4. education gap at the top

6.4.1. many of the kids that go to college for math or sciecnce are foreign. we need to change

6.5. funding gap

6.5.1. The schools at the bottom of this scale are getting worse while the top schools are just gettign better. We need to help the poor schools.

6.6. infrasturcture gap

6.6.1. instead of spending our money on fixing old bridges we should use it on broadband and stuff for the future.

7. The right stuff

7.1. the right side of the brain.

7.1.1. Americans need to be more creative and use there right side of the brain if we do that we will be okay.

7.2. tubas and test tubes

7.2.1. now a days people need to be able to adapt to there sourondings

7.3. cq+pq=iq

7.3.1. passion and comiement is going to be more important than your smarts.

7.4. which class do i take to learn how to learn

7.4.1. teachers need to learn how to teach better.

7.5. navgition of the internet

7.5.1. people need to be able to know how to move around the internet.

7.6. the right country

7.6.1. What is going to be the right country in the future who is going to be number one?

8. The new middle class

8.1. The new middle class is going to be a very big class in the near future.

8.2. u either need to care about your job or do something u are a expert at. THen u will have a great chance to succed

9. Compasionate flatism

9.1. people need to care about there job or compaines are not going to hire them. its like CQ+ PQ= IQ