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Globalization by Mind Map: Globalization
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eras of globalization







workflow software

supply chains




end of cold war



triple Convergence

Flatters have always been around and always will.

the kind of platforms will affect the outcome.

We neeed to be more horizontal

The Great Sorting Out

India vs. indiana

Where do companies start and stop

Multiple identity disorder

who owns what

death of a salesman

Us and the flat world

if america is going to even consider to be a threat in the world we need to get are stuff straight.

the quiet crisis

ambition gap

numbers gap

education gap at the bottom

education gap at the top

funding gap

infrasturcture gap

The right stuff

the right side of the brain.

tubas and test tubes


which class do i take to learn how to learn

navgition of the internet

the right country

The new middle class

The new middle class is going to be a very big class in the near future.

u either need to care about your job or do something u are a expert at. THen u will have a great chance to succed

Compasionate flatism

people need to care about there job or compaines are not going to hire them. its like CQ+ PQ= IQ