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The New Deal by Mind Map: The New Deal
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The New Deal

Step 1: Banking Holiday

banks shut down and subject to gov. inspection

ppls confidence returned and redeposited allowing banks to invest in the economy

used to fight the Depression


changed the way gov. functions

1st phase

dealt w/ exclusively economy reform

FDR believed gov. was crucial to stimulate economy

Step 2: Security Exchange Commission

Stock Market Reform

practice of buying on margin was regulated

Step 3: put more $$ in circulation

Gold Standard

Keynesian economics

National Industrial recovery Act (NIRA) and National Recovery Admin (NRA)

established to end animosity but not labor and business

all was redirected to industrial growth

Business people challenged the NRA, claiming it was communist

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)

used to promote hydroelectric power, control flooding- lower rates


Annual Move

Kansas City from Politics, Farming, and the Law

Construction of the Dam

Agricultural Adjustment Act

passed in 1933 to aid formers

objective was to restore farmers' purchasing power; the family farm

Bad side


Civilian Conservation Corps

set to establish work for young men in areas of reforestation, soil conservation, flood control, road conservation

took them out of urban labor markets but Blacks permitted to enroll

National Youth Admin. (NYA)

Fed. Emergency Relief Act. (FERA)

worked well but was still at 6 million

Social Reform Aspect

National Labor Relations Act

Social Security Act


FDR won easily