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Can I Haz Cookie by Mind Map: Can I Haz Cookie
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Can I Haz Cookie

1. User asks for cookie

On Twitter with @canuhazcookie please gimme cookie!

Twitter sends notification to script to accept / reject

2. Script randomly accepts / rejects

New node

3.2 If rejected: Rockets fired upon fetching cookie

Picture of cookie thieve is taken

Sound via Arduino wave is played

'Step away from the cookie jar'

Picture of cookie thieve is published on website

Owner is notified of thieve

'There is a cookie thieve stealing cookies from your jar! We rocketed him for you!'

3.1 If accepted: Cookie lover safely is able to get cookie

Picture of happy cookie love is taken

Picture of happy cookie lover is published on website under 'accepted' like tab

0. Owner activates security system via Twitter

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